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Get familar foo, Get real familar!
NAME- Scot
SEX- male
HAIR- dirty blonde
EYES- blue
HEIGHT- 5'10
WEIGHT- 112 lbs
LOCATION- the ghetto nigga
ETHNICITY- white boy
STATUS- single
HOBBIES- freestyle rapping, listening to music like 24/7, talking with my friends, swimming, street basketball, and most other sports
Turn'n up the system to-

Sean Paul, Infiltrate

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 1:
Woman nuh waan nuh coot, from a knock boots
Whey yuh waan yuh fi tell har fi tear off di suit
Dem nh waan nuh dude, whey never inna di mood
An dem nuh waan nuh little bwoy wid nuh gal attitude
Mi say, a nuh nutten fi wi hide
Inna di gal dem pathway man a slide and a glide
Is a natural ting fi wi collide
Bedroom argument, leg fi divide, catch di ride

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 2:
Natural like a fruit pon di tree
Gal a get ripe, so rudebwoy forward nuh badda flee
Now she say she name Queen Bee
But yuh mek har beg an wait pon har knee an a plee,
Well She want har clothes fi tear
Need a little loving an she waan yuh draw near
But yuh fear, inna yuh heart yuh nuh waan fi guh there
Disappear and Sean Paul will appear
Yuh nuh hear

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 3:
No time fi debate, dem dont want fi wait
Dem want a little loving fi dem appreciate
Dem want a good man, fi caress dem han
Di gal dem want a man wid the rightful program,
Well Yuh fi listen to the Dutty
Gal dem deh deh wi haffi tek it an wuck it
So nuh badda talk bout mi mind too smutty
Sean Paul, mi got a lot a sweat fi wi bussi
Dem nuh mussi
White boy word of the day

Pronunciation: "tre-p&-'dA-sh&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin trepidation-, trepidatio, from trepidare to tremble, from trepidus agitated; probably akin to Old English thrafian to urge, push, Greek trapein to press grapes
Ghetto word of da day

Forskezzy- (For sk EZ) a prositute the ultimate ho- easy forskezzy
Thursday. 4.8.04 11:40 pm
havent written in like two weeks, hmm alot of stuff has happened since then , haha i have cornrows now! i cut the hair off my sisters barbies and braided it in, it looks crazy sexy, but like some rows are different colors cuz i ran out of barbies and had to use other dolls and stuffed animals, one of um is pink and another has sparkles in it ha. Oh ya my nose, its fucking broken, this kid hit me in the face with a peice of the equitment in the weight room, nasty story it just started bleeding ramdomly like 10 mintues ago, i have like a huge bump which is permanent, and i cant breathe out of the right side which also might be permanent.

[special homeroom] nothing really ever goes on in special homeroom, i just talk to darris really

Darris- hey scot which do you perfer tapes or cds?
Scot- cds why?
Darris- well you can C-DEEZZ NUTZ in your mouth.

[Latin] nothing really went on in latin either, we had a special guest speaker for most of the period. his ideas were a bit extreme, but at the same time refreshing, its nice to hear someone who doesnt tell us to believe in our selfs, and how we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it, you know that sort of thing, i think he really told it how it is and got through to alot of people. After the presentation our class had to ask him questions, he grabbed my by the hair and and said i had alot of ideas in my head and i needed to get them out, then he started knocking on my head and im like ow what are you doing?!? and hes like it doesnt feel very good does it? so im like what?? and hes the deeper meaning behind it, and im like what deeper meaning... the knocking?!? Mr. Blade made me leave :

[Math] i like math, kashifs in that class so its cool, mark talks to him about counter-strike and dyllans balls itch like every 3 minutes. today we went to the computer lab to do this green glob game line plot thing, it was ghey. haha mark was playing this alcohol simulation thing, there was this thing about the sexual consquences of drinking where you got to the make the choices and see what happens

A man offers you to come to his apartment what do you do?
Go home with your friend, or go to his apartment?

haha the screen got all black like they were having sex and everyone put their ears up the speakers trying to listen haha

[Music] we just kinda had a free period, me and tiesha argued like the whole period over who got to play their music

Tiesha- punk ass
Scot- wow watch it lil kim

[Language arts] nothing ever happens in la, and today wasnt any different.

after school i just hung out with that nigga jigga : ) haha its funny when chinese people get high because their eyes become even more squinty and they cant see.

aright im headin out later

commenting...sry i'm too lazy to read write now...
» Ajibalaji89 on 2004-04-11 10:26:52

» hollaatme on 2004-04-12 01:52:45

how do you know lydia davidson? thats cool, she's bomb
» MorosePhoenix on 2004-04-18 11:22:54

well, sorry about not commenting, blah blah blah, because I havn't been on nutang much lately...

wait, why am I apologizing to you? why do I feel like I have to be sorry for not being more involved in NuTang, and the reading and commenting of all the weblogs I have added as 'friends'?....

eh, nevermind me, lil miss rambler over here....

I was about to type some more, but I don't really wanna make this another one of those long comments wich it already is... o.O

mmm, pizza!
» invisible on 2004-04-19 08:01:13

and now I'm commenting.. again..
to tell you to UPDATE A BIT MORE OFTEN!!
okay, I'll stop yelling now..

so... how's life been... since APRIL 8TH?!

okay, I'm stopping now..

» invisible on 2004-05-12 08:03:42

thou shalt come back to NuTang!
it's been nearly 4 MONTHS since you wrote this entry?
where have you been?

I must seem like a stalker.. or.. some other sort of freak.
well, I'm not a stalker.. maybe a freak.. that goes through their friends list every once in a while... and ... you need to come back! you were actually interesting.. until you became dead.. o.O

» invisible on 2004-08-01 10:51:20

just some random girl wondering...
where is there a ghetto in Ct???
» CburysCaliBabe on 2004-08-20 03:19:22

I'm not sure why I even come here anymore
come back!...
or just stay there and live a nutang-less life. lol
» invisible on 2004-11-06 04:09:04

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